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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' February 2017 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Boosting Nitric Oxide
"You've heard a lot of hype about increasing nitric oxide (abbreviated NO). It is made in the lining of our blood vessels to dilate blood vessels and tame the flames of inflammation and aging. It's one of nature's ways of producing our own nitroglycerin. And, you might recall inflammation is the start of all chronic disease. It is the underlying mechanism in the body's attempt to get rid of toxins. Unfortunately, when information is pushed beyond specific limits, chronic inflammation leads to chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, A-fib, autoimmune disease, arthritis, colitis, etc. But, because the NO that we make disappears quickly (as it is used up in protective reactions to keep us alive) we need more ways to boost it in this unprecedented toxic era. But, some of the newer products are quite expensive. Guess what can fill the bill? The proprietary special aged form of garlic, Kyolic.

You have seen the overwhelming evidence in our other books and newsletters of Kyolic's ability to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, platelet clotting, PLA2, and slow the progression of coronary plaque, protect and guide our "good" genes, as just a few examples. But, now you can add its nitric oxide-inducing actions as well…My preferred approach would be Kyolic Liquid, 2-3 big squirts, 2-3 times a day to provide the best levels and bioavailability."

Statins Deplete Nutrients
"Statin drugs will go down in the history of medicine as probably the worst mistake that has ever been made. They create havoc in the body by a multitude of mechanisms. (1) Statins frequently create body aches that resemble the flu, old age, or rampant arthritis as well as rot the brain. They can do so quickly or sneak up on the person making everyone blame something else, especially old age. (2) Statins lower many nutrients such as vitamin E, DHA, and selenium, which are crucial for staving off every disease. By poisoning the cholesterol that your liver must make every day to replace old cells, statins are capable of creating every disease that is called "chronic" and "have no known cause and no known cure." But, the worst side effect is, (3) statins cause what is rarely recognized as sudden amnesia. It can last just a few hours. But, by the time the accident is over (and they never ask what nutrients a pilot/conductor/driver is on) the amnesia can also be over with, so no one ever suspects the cause.

Meanwhile, look at all the people who have Alzheimer's, but no one takes them off the statins. In fact, when I see the records even from the most high-profile clinics, physicians don't even assay the nutrients that the statins classically deplete. For example, take the simple mineral selenium. The mineral selenium is absolutely crucial for reversing as well as preventing Alzheimer's, thyroid disease, chemical sensitivity, fibromyalgia, etc… My advice to you? Stop letting doctors get away with dangerously sloppy medicine. Insist on an RBC selenium level. And, at least take one Chelated Selenium daily. And, if you are starting to lose your memory, check back in the last 10 years of TW as well as How to Cure Diabetes for the other nutrients you need in order to resurrect your brain, before it is too late.

Biosil for Electricity
"Anything that donates electrons has multiple uses in multiple diseases, since it is a basic need of the body in order to heal from any disease. The two best electron donating minerals are Germanium (150 mg of biscarboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide) and BioSil (orthosilicic acid). They both are crucial semiconductors for not only computers, but also the electricity of the body. Obviously the doses will vary from 1-2 doses, 1-3 times a day with your individual needs and the totality of your damage, which is reflected in lipid peroxides, haCRP, 8-OHdG, lactate, pro-BNP, etc. The more of these you have with the elevated levels means the more trouble you are in and the more you will need an electron boost of these as well as to find your underlying cause (I have personal phone consults for this, if desired)."

A Better Gut with Hi Fiber
"The body renews its intestinal cells every few days, this turn over is faster than many other tissues, which enables you to get some pretty fast feedback. For example, sometimes just fasting for 2-3 days and doing a big scoop of Hi-Fiber once or twice a day during this time can be diagnostic for you. How? Because folks without a lot of food allergies or bad bugs in the gut can often feel renewed energy and optimism— even though they're quite hungry, merely because they have temporarily reduced a nasty intestinal load that has been sapping their energy.

If you do use the Hi-Fiber do remember to put a heaping teaspoon in a dry cup, add your alkaline water and stir vigorously only for 30 seconds and then slug it down. If you wait until all the lumps are dissolved it will coagulate and be undrinkable. Follow it with a huge glass of water. But, anytime you are cleaning out the intestines, make sure your RBC magnesium is in the top half of normal range. For if you are silently magnesium deficient and don't know it and clean out the intestines you may lower your magnesium even more (by interfering with the recirculation or saving of magnesium to the gut's enterohepatic recirculation). This could bring on a heart attack, stroke, seizures, or pulmonary embolus just from magnesium deficiency."

Healthy Protection
"Since our genes are continually bombarded every moment of every day with over 8,000 chemicals in our environment, you need a healthy protective response…I remind you to make your daily choices. Reduce saturated fats and supplement omega-3 oils with the best one I know of, Lemon-Flavored Cod Liver Oil. This speaks to the genes that down regulate diabetes, arteriosclerosis, clots, arthritis, allergies, and other diseases (how to do this TW 2008–16). But, remember it's the phosphatidylcholine that anchors the omega-3s (EPA and DHA in cod liver oil) in the cell membrane. So, you must incorporate a daily teaspoon of non-GMO PC Powder."