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From Dr. Rogers' December 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Restore B12 Levels
"If you're on metformin, don't forget (as you learned in How to Cure Diabetes) that one of the first things it does is lower B12. When you have a lower B12 levels, that can set you up for developing senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. As well, many other medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) like Nexium (also non- Rx omeprazole and Prilosec) can also lower your B12 absorption, as can antacids, most antibiotics, oral contraceptives, and more… A low B12 may give you anything from unexplainable exhaustion, depression, bizarre neuropathies (tingling, numbness) with or without pain, memory loss, and more, including raising your risk for arteriosclerosis and other diseases. What drives me crazy is that when I review records from readers around the world who have been to some of the most famous high profile clinics on the planet, there is rarely a check of B12 levels, even though folks are on medications that notoriously lower it. And even worse, these folks often have the very symptoms that B12 deficiency can so stealthily cause. A serum level is not sufficient. A urine methylmalonate elevation shows that you may need more B12 than the average person regardless of your serum level. So make sure that you at least have a Beta-12 every day, which contains folinic acid (better than synthetic folic acid) with B12 in a sublingual form, absorbed under the tongue. This sublingual form route is important to spare your stomach one more capsule, especially in case your gut is not yet totally healed."

Key to Practicing Self-Healing
"A reader in his 30s was wheelchair-bound and neurologists were stumped to the reason. Fortunately, someone at his church gave him a copy of Detoxify or Die and he cured himself and literally went back to save the farm. Another reader of Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? in her 80s had to rescue her husband when following cataract surgery he developed atrial fibrillation. A team of cardiologists insisted he would need ablation (permanent laser destruction of heart nerve muscle). She asked if they just would delay until the next day and she ran home and got magnesium, selenium, and PC Powder and cured him."

Making a Case for Tocotrienols
"For starters, tocotrienols are absolutely necessary for not only preventing, but reversing Alzheimer's (along with all the other things we've written about in the last decade). You remember these are part of the eight forms of real vitamin E. In fact, Tocotrienols can act like a crystal ball because they can predict who's going to convert from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to clinical Alzheimer's disease within a year. Yet, not only are tocotrienols levels predictive of who's going to deteriorate into Alzheimer's, but they do even more. Tocotrienols have reversed or rescued memory deficits. Clearly using tocotrienols is a win-win situation. In fact, to my way of thinking, everyone should start with at least 2 Tocotrienols daily…. And make no mistake, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and FDA-approved food additives insidiously damage brain chemistry and can bring on Alzheimer's. And don't forget the FDA allows MSG to be hidden or disguised under over two dozen names (that would never make you suspect its potential harm), such as "natural flavoring". But God to the rescue, Tocotrienols can prevent the brain deterioration brought on by the ubiquitously unavoidable MSG."

Why are You Suddenly Salt Sensitive?
"A major cause of sudden salt sensitivity can be a previous (silent or not) heart attack, which has damaged receptors in the heart muscle that normally regulate salt… If a heart is damaged over time (as with arteriosclerosis) or suddenly (as with heart attack), this commonly causes salt-sensitive hypertension bouts. A clue is an elevated NT pro-BNP… We've shown in TW that gamma tocopherol, the tocotrienols, and vitamin D levels (above 80 ng/ dL) are some of the nutrients crucial for repairing the BNP salt sensitivity, but are rarely checked. Depending on how high it is, start with 1 Gamma E Gems, 1 E Gems Elite, 2 SupraBio Tocotrienols, and 10,000 Vitamin D3, all once a day. And keep your daily salt at less than a teaspoon a day (2,300 mg) and check TW 2015 out for sumac as another salt substitute"

Pain Medicines Lead to Increased Heart Attacks
"It has been known for years that NSAIDs increase bleeding risk, especially if you are on other medications to thin the blood…The article went on to even suggest that folks could take proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec, Nexium, and OTC omeprazole to decrease the bleeding in the stomach produced by the NSAIDs. But again, they forgot to mention that these medications dramatically lowered the magnesium levels, which lead folks to atrial fibrillation, heart attacks, and sudden death. That's why it's so crucial to use the five powders and more that you learned about starting in 2011-15 TW as well as Is your Cardiologist Killing You? Even if you don't have high blood pressure, read The High Blood Pressure Hoax for you must make all of your blood vessels healthy. And for the chronic pain that you may be taking the NSAIDs for, start with Pain Free in 6 Weeks, in the TW above. You clearly have to take control."