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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' November 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Healing the Stomach Lining
"If you have a stomach that just won't heal or experience mysterious malabsorption, check back in No More Heartburn for the many possible causes, like the bacteria H. pylori, which lurks in 2 out of 3 folks' stomachs and how to get rid of it. It even causes heart disease and stomach cancer. Or perhaps your stomach is being chewed up by NSAIDs for pain. Healing may be as simple as restoring phosphatidylcholine, which is crucial for repairing any tissue. A teaspoon a day of PC Powder may be all you need to nourish and protect that gut. Then read Pain Free in 6 Weeks to find out how to get off NSAIDs."

Healing the Prostate with Nutrients

"You cannot heal a pr ostate without sufficient zinc, selenium, omega-3 oils, the 8 forms of vitamin E, tocotrienols, and a vitamin D over 80 ng/ml—as we've referenced in previous TW. That means you want to be in the top 5th quintiles for these, not in the middle or normal range. For the normal range represents merely folks who live daily on a half dozen sodas, donuts, and burgers with fries. Whereas the macrobiotic diet provides much of these nutrients that are needed to heal the prostate."

Pro-Hormone Vitamin D
"Don't forget that some nutrients are actually hormones in disguise, like vitamin D. It's not only crucial for bone metabolism, but for heart, brain, recurrent infections, depression, diabetes, and in fact every disease. For you can't heal a disease without enough D because it causes re-differentiation…As well, don't forget that the heart is really a hormone-secreting organ. It secretes natriuretic peptide which controls salt sensitivity. That's why with aging, low nutrients, stents, heart attacks, and even hypertension the heart stops making as much BNP as it did. And the person is suddenly hypertensive or has arrhythmia when they have more salt than their heart can handle."

Selenium and Iodine for a Healthy Thyroid
"When folks do have abnormal hormone function, oftentimes it's not diagnosed because many of the lab parameters for 'normal' are 2 decades behind. For example, the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) should be less than 2, but a 'normal' commercial lab value says a person can have up to 4.5. Unfortunately, those people are actually victims of 'subclinical hypothyroidism' and have persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism like exhaustion, poor memory, immovable weight gain, high cholesterol, recalcitrant depression, hair loss, etc., but are told they are normal. Then as you saw in the last few years of TW, another problem is that when a person does have, for example low thyroid, what does the doctor do? He gives you a synthetic thyroid (like Synthroid) that doesn't even fit in God's molecular biochemistry. Yet worse, he doesn't even look at your iodine levels or selenium or other nutrients that you must have in order to heal the gland."

You Can Heal Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
"NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is currently the #1 liver disease in Americans and is escalating rapidly for a number of r easons. The ubiquitous phthalates or plasticizers are a major cause and how to get rid of them is in Detoxify or Die. Most people have numerous deficiencies that made their liver more vulnerable to the phthalates. That would entail the Cardio/Ion to identify and repair them. And if you can' t afford the test, the nutrients in How to Cure Diabetes often repair the liver sufficiently so that it does not go on to cause diabetes…Fortunately, most folks can't entirely get rid of their fatty liver. And you may only need the nutrients that are spelled out for daily use spread out over every other or even third day, especially many of the minerals. I would however take magnesium every day since that is a common deficiency in liver disease as is phosphatidylcholine. Sometimes healing the liver can be as simple as a daily teaspoon of PC Powder, since phosphatidylcholine deficiency is rampant in the standard American diet. And PC is crucial for repair of the liver. In fact that makes a gr eat test of whether your doctor knows enough chemistry to help you heal. Just ask him how he uses phosphatidylcholine and the tocotrienols…Also don't forget to incorporate the best methyl donor-betaine from beet powder."