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Harness the Power of Memory Protect & Help Maintain your Brain
Submitted by Life Extension

Memory Protect combines a unique colostrinin polypeptide complex with the trace mineral lithium for unrivaled support for the aging brain. Colostrinin supports cognition, memory, and inhibits inflammatory factors in the brain that can lead to reduced cognitive function and memory loss. Also, research now shows that lithium helps inhibit an enzyme sometimes associated with cognitive decline and has a positive impact on longevity and mood.

Amyloid betas or abetas are "misfolded" proteins that are quickly and efficiently cleared from a youthful, healthy brain through natural processes. But as we age, these proteins begin to accumulate, negatively affecting memory and cognitive function. Plus, abeta can chemically affect tau proteins, the cellular components responsible for moving essential molecules throughout our cells. Memory Protect can combat all of the negative affects that come with aging and ensure your brain gets what it needs to maintain optimal function.

Colostrinin Proline-Rich Polypeptide Complex
Colostrinin polypeptide complex promotes cognition, memory, and helps inhibit inflammatory factors in the brain. It also positively affects gene expression associated with abeta protein production, encourages production of enzymes that support the natural breakdown of abeta proteins, and promotes learning and memory in animal studies—along with a 26% median life-span increase.

Laboratory studies demonstrate that colostrinin favorably altered the gene expression of cells in culture equal to those produced by natural nerve growth factor. This process promotes differentiation of primitive cells into functioning adult neuron cells and encourages healthy neurite growth (tiny structures essential for cell-to-cell communication).

Lithium, the "Brain Element"
Memory Protect also delivers lithium to the body, which has long been used to promote healthy mood. But now, research indicates that lithium helps inhibit the GSK3 enzyme that affects tau protein phosphorylation. Phosphorylated tau proteins can contribute to age-related decline in cognition and memory. Inhibiting GSK3 may help maintain healthy glucose levels already within normal range in the brain. Lithium also promotes autophagy, the healthy breakdown of tau and abeta proteins through natural processes. And in animal studies, lithium helped maintain memory health and cognitive performance.

A Powerful Combination
Combined together these dynamic elements promote healthy memory, brain proteins, and cognitive function, support the natural breakdown of abeta proteins, encourage healthy tau protein function, inhibit GSK3 enzyme production, and help maintain brain glucose levels already within normal range. Discover the many benefits of Memory Protect and give your brain the extra boost it needs to function at its best!

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