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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' Octover 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter (TW)

Nutrients for Your "Hippo"
"The exact spot in the center of the brain where new memories are created is called the hippocampus. I like to call it your "hippo" for short. You longtime readers already know your hippo craves nutrients, such as DHA and PS-100. For newcomers, DHA is docosahexanaeinoic acid or more easily part of cod liver oil. One of the important things it does is "eat" amyloid, the protein that causes Alzheimer's. And as another example PS-100 made folk's brains 12 years younger in 3 months. Meanwhile, did you know that your hippo thrives on ginger as one of many other nutrients? Ginger has huge medical benefits being anti-inflammatory, anti-hyperglycemic, anti-arthritic, and neuroprotective."

The Other Purple Pills
"As you learned in the past these proton pump inhibitors (PPI as they are called) lower magnesium, which can lead to sudden cardiac arrest— which no defibrillation or cardioversion can rescue. Also, they increase your risk of getting pneumonia 30%, a major cause of hospital death and much more. And why shouldn't they? For after all they turn off your acid secretion in the stomach so that you don't absorb your nutrients that you must have for life. Recall evidence in past TW, for example where folks dying in ICU had overwhelming infection resistant to all antibiotics. Over half of the group that was given just 2 cheap nutrients lived; while all the others who got no nutrients died...The "purple" I'm talking about is the purple color in God's natural foods that are called anthocyanins. For those of you who remember, the best form of glutathione (Recancostat) has anthocyanins in it which help it be the strongest glutathione on the market, since it recycles itself as well as various nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin E."

Keep this on Hand for Emergencies
"It's smart to keep your sports bag stocked with Ribose Powder Packets and QODT that you've learned about (TW). And even for folks who have had heart attacks and stents, ribose has been shown to improve their ability to exercise without symptoms because it boosts the production of energy in the heart muscle. And it is especially important if you suddenly have an arrhythmia or heart attack during sports. As you saw in Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? it has rescued folks as well as decreased the size of the infarct (damaged heart). For emergencies, put the contents of 4 packets into water and drink it immediately. The sad thing is that ribose is not even mentioned in the practice guidelines for cardiologists. In fact most don't even know what it's for, even though it's crucial for reversing heart failure. If you don't believe me just ask them how they use D-Ribose. Plus, if you've had a heart attack or you have arteriosclerosis or coronary artery disease, D-Ribose has rescued what's called hibernating myocardium. In other words, folks were told by their cardiologists that they had a certain amount of permanent heart damage and there was nothing more that could be done for it. But when given the ribose, it energized areas that were in need of it and restored heart function.

Meanwhile, don't forget to bring your alkaline water (in glass protected by a wine cozy) from home—see Detoxify or Die for your alkaline water machine and How to Cure Diabetes for even more evidence. And if you want to spike your homemade drink with substances to boost as well as protect heart energy, start with Magnesium Powder and ALC Powder—ie: carnitine has been known for over 30 years in the top cardiology journals to increase walking distance in folks with painful claudication."

Stop Polyps in Their Tracks
"When after your colonoscopy you are told that you have some polyps, we've evidenced in the past TW how it is unbelievable to forget to tell you about the many nutrients that can protect these "benign" polyps from becoming malignant. For example, taking high doses of folic acid such as in Folixor sublingual 5 mg to bypass the gut and making sure your vitamin D level is between 80-100 ng/mL, which usually takes 10,000 IU vitamin D3, 5-7 days weekly has often stopped these polyps from becoming malignant."