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From Dr. Rogers' May 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter

Minimizing Osteoarthritis
"You want to be sure that your bones are as strong as possible with the nutrients that are outlined in How to Cure Diabetes. It's especially important to have a Vitamin D3 level over 80 ng/dL, not the 30 ng/dL which is touted as normal by commercial labs, and appropriate level of Vitamin K2, as well as silicon in the form of BioSil, which you remember from Pain Free in 6 Weeks is important in the "electricity" of the healing of bone…And of course it goes without saying that you have to have the appropriate "oil change" (see Detoxify or Die), which includes Cod Liver Oil, Phosphatidyl Choline Powder, and the eight forms of vitamin E."

Why You Need Silboron
"Whenever you are stuck trying to heal anything you want, wonder about the trace minerals. Boron is one such mineral, yet we rarely hear anything about it. But it's crucial for healing bone, especially if you have had joint or tooth implants as well as other surgeries. It's important for mediating many inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and can decrease joint pain, stiffness, and inflexibility… And boron protects brain function, memory, coordination, falls, as well as hormones. Clearly in any healing situation, you want to make sure you have adequate boron reserves. Among the top foods for boron are organic peanut butter, wine, raisins, grapes, avocados, nuts, stone fruits, peas, and beans. Now with all of this evidence, wouldn't you think there would be a recommended daily allowance for boron? Well there isn't one. But, of course that is no surprise since there isn't even one for nutrients proven crucial for over 30 years for diabetes and arterial plaque, like chromium…So I guess it is up to you to give yourself a boron boost. You could start by taking SilBoron, once or twice a day."

Protect the Brain with Tocotrienols
"MSG or monosodium glutamate that you learned about last year in TW…You saw there the many hidden terms it can be cloaked in, which include "natural flavoring". There are many ways in which it damages the brain. For one, it is a stimulator of receptors in the brain (NMDA), which can slowly cause deterioration. Another way in which it damages the brain and can even bring on strokes is that it triggers the phospholipase A2, which you learned about in prior TW. It's a precursor to Lp PLA2 elevation, one of the crystal ball tests that uniquely reveals if you have noncalcified soft plaque ready to create not only a stroke, but a heart attack. Fortunately, God always provides an out with His amazing molecular biochemistry. The tocotrienols make up 50% of real vitamin E, while the other half of real vitamin E consists of the four tocopherols, alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Unfortunately, disreputable researchers who report vitamin E does not help Alzheimer's succeed because they only use one out of eight parts of the real molecule…But the worst thing is that when you use only alpha-tocopherol, which is what any supplement that just says "vitamin E" contains. It creates such an imbalance that it lowers not only gamma tocopherol, but the tocotrienols as well. Several of the forms of tocotrienols protect the brain from the deterioration induced by the food additive MSG. Clearly our foods, medications, and environmental pollutants are behind this rapid epidemic of Alzheimer's. So what is your solution? One of the very important things you want to do to stave off Alzheimer's is be sure you have the best formulation of the 8 parts of real vitamin E every day. For many folks this can be accomplished with one E Gems Elite, one Gamma E Gems, and two SupraBio Tocotrienols, depending upon your chemistry."

Clean Up Your Gut with Hi-Fiber
"…Sometimes folks are even better by using something as simple as Hi-Fiber to clean out the gut for a while, reducing the number of bad bugs, then eating a better diet afterwards with the addition of some probiotics. Merely a heaping tablespoon once or twice a day for a few days can markedly reduce symptoms. But, be sure to put a heaping teaspoon of the dry powder in a dry cup using a dry spoon. Quickly fill the cup with water and stir briefly, less than a minute. All of the material will not be fully dissolved and there will be lumps. It's also important to slug it down, and then follow with another cup or two of water. If you hesitate and wait for all the lumps to be dissolved it will congeal and be inedible. Within 24 hours you should have a great bowel movement and you can continue this procedure for this daily dose for two or three days to get a nice gut cleansing…For some folks, the bad bugs in the gut are around the pancreatic ducts. Using something like extra pancreas and bile in the form of 1 or 2 Digestive Aid #34 with meals oftentimes improve digestion until you get rid of those bad bugs."

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