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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' April 2016 Total Wellness Newsletter

All The Nutrients You Need: How to Get Organized and How to Take Them
"There are many ways to organize your nutrients, and unfortunately it's complicated by how severe each person is and how many deficiencies they have, diseases, medicines, toxicities, allergies, IBS, etc. Let's assume you have the average deficiencies…

If you can manage the chelated Selenium, Chelated Zinc, Manganese, BioSil, and Iodoral at least three times a week, you could probably put in the other minerals once or twice a week. Plus you want your B-100 Complete, extra B1 and P5P in the morning, since they can cause insomnia. Whatever form of magnesium you have you probably want it every day…you can have a few of the nutrients before or after breakfast and any leftover ones before or after lunch, but always with a tad of food and never more than 3-5 at once.

In the PM, you would put your three vitamin E products that give you a total of the eight forms of vitamin E, and your 10,000 of vitamin D3 at least five days a week, if not daily. The vitamin K could be twice a week. Again, this is all very dependent upon each individual's diagnosis, medications, and history, physical exam, and comprehensive laboratory details, which is why this really should be an individual consultation. Anyways, this is a time that you could have special things you might need like Lutein, R-Lipoic Acid, Super Milk Thistle X, Nutra Support Joint, Theracurmin, PS-100, BioSil, Biotin, Niacin-Time, Kyolic and the five powders (2013 TW) etc. Again, any of these could be before and after lunch, afternoon snack, or dinner.

Your sublinguals like Folixor and B12 (combined or as Beta-12) QODT can be done at any time, like on your way out the door to work. The special liquids like Cod Liver Oil and Intra-Min can be taken any time you open the refrigerator door, but preferably with meals.

So what does that leave? The eight forms of Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, PS, and the five powders could be with in your Detox Cocktail (either ready-made or the one you make yourself with Recancostat, R-Lipoic, and Vitamin C). These are crucial for keeping the brain and blood vessels healthy. To those you could add Magnesium Powder and take this mixture every day. It can be split up or taken all at once, depending upon your bowel tolerance, and at any time of the day (but before 4 PM if you add magnesium). And whatever you take, try to remember a daily teaspoon of non-GMO PC Powder (in water). It is a key to anchoring the other nutrients needed to repair membranes, hormone receptors, and to create our mitochondrial electricity.

…And when special circumstances arise like having to kill invading organisms in the gut, then you must back way off on your nutrients, perhaps even cutting them down by two-thirds (taking what you would be taking for one day over the course of three days). Why? Because it's too difficult to try to take all of your nutrients plus the items required to, for example, kill candida. Or perhaps you need fibrinolytic enzymes to digest the protective covering (sialoglycoproteins) from cancer cells so the immune system can destroy them, as described in Wellness Against all Odds.

There is so much more for you to read and do. For example, if you have damaged gut or gallbladder, you may need to take pancreas and bile in Digestive Aid #34 to absorb your fat soluble nutrients until you correct the gut. For you can't live without adequate B-carotene, vitamin D, vitamin E, tocotrienols, K2, CoQ10, cod liver oil, and other fat-soluble nutrients. The bottom line is make sure every nutrient you take is the best quality you can find and take as few as you need, remembering that every day you want to be doing something good for your body…And if you need, before bed you can pop your sublingual melatonin not only for an antioxidant boost, but a restful sleep."

Fighting Clostridium Difficile and Proton Pump Inhibitors
"Many people are prescribed proton pump inhibitors like prescription Nexium or over the counter Prilosec when they have gut symptoms. But these actually make it easier for bugs to overtake the gut plus they lower magnesium which can cause high blood pressure, angina, or sudden death. One of the important things to learn from this is that its been shown that taking good levels of probiotics before and after (but please not during) antibiotics can mitigate the overgrowth of this bacterium. Use ABx support, 2 twice a day for at least two weeks to thwart Clostridium. Some people need even extra Saccharomyces boulardii, same dose. And remember, taking ABx support is a good idea after any 1-14 day antibiotic regime, since it contains the three probiotics (Lactobaccillus, Bifidus, and Saccharomyces) that are needed to thwart not only Clostridium, but candida, Rhosotorula, and other nasty bugs triggered by antibiotics and raise gut sIgA."

Warning on Blood Thinners
You know that clotting is the #1 cause of death (whether you call it a heart attack, stroke, cancer, arrhythmias, Lupus, colitis, etc. is irrelevant). And now that drugs like Nexium and Prilosec are over the counter (no prescription needed) and lower nutrients, like magnesium and B12, that in turn leads to atrial fibrillation and other arrhythmias. So now even more folks are on blood thinners for that drug-induced epidemic. And the folks in the Journal of the American Medical Association are concerned about the thousands of doctors prescribing these newer anticoagulants (Xarelto, Pradaxa, etc.) when they all know there is a huge danger associated with them; no test of their effectiveness nor any mode of reversal.

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