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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' December 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

Why are You Suddenly Salt Sensitive?
"A major cause of sudden salt sensitivity can be a previous (silent or not) heart attack which has damaged receptors in the heart muscle that normally regulate salt…If a heart is damaged over time (as with arteriosclerosis), or suddenly (as with heart attack), this commonly causes salt-sensitive hypertension bouts. A clue is an elevated NT pro-BNP… We've shown in TW that gamma tocopherol, the tocotrienols, and vitamin D levels (above 80 ng/dL) are some of the nutrients crucial for repairing the BNP salt sensitivity, but are rarely checked. Depending on how high it is, start with 1 Gamma E Gems, 1 E Gems Elite, 2 SupraBio Tocotrienols and 10,000 Vitamin D3, all once a day. And keep your daily salt at less than a teaspoon a day (2,300 mg) and check TW 2015 out for sumac as another salt substitute"

Pain Medicines Lead to Increased Heart Attacks
"It has been known for years that NSAIDs increase bleeding risk and especially if you are on other medications to thin the blood…The article went on to even suggest that folks could take proton pump inhibitors like Prilosec, Nexium, and OTC omeprazole to decrease the bleeding in the stomach produced by the NSAIDs. But again, they forgot to mention that these medications dramatically lowered the magnesium levels, which lead folks to atrial filbrillation, heart attacks, and sudden death. That's why it's so crucial to use the five powders and more that you learned about starting in 2011-15 TW as well as Is your Cardiologist Killing You? Even if you don't have high blood pressure, read The High Blood Pressure Hoax, for you must make all of your blood vessels healthy. And for the chronic pain that you may be taking the NSAIDs for, start with Pain Free in 6 Weeks, the TW as above. You clearly have to take control."

Diabetes Medications can Shorten Lives
"Many of the diabetes medications stimulate the pancreas to secrete more insulin, but they do nothing to focus on the function, repair, and survival of the pancreas…Doesn't it make much more sense to start with minerals commonly missing in the pancreas such as chelated zinc, chromium, and the insulin-mimic mineral vanadium, plus other nutrients that have reversed diabetes like Acetyl l-carnitine? You will find all the directions in How to Cure Diabetes."

Helping a Hospitalized Loved One
"So what can you do if someone you love is dying of anything in the hospital and they tell you there's nothing more they can do?...You know they need thiamine (possibly injected); they need NAC; they need their vitamin D level to be checked and to be over 80 ng/dL, not the fallacious 30 ng/dL "norm" on the hospital lab tests. They also need levels checked of ascorbate, vitamin E (gamma and alpha), and more. They need to look at the D-arabinitol, which will tell them if candida is raging in the gut. The treatment for all this is outlined in How to Cure Diabetes, and more. They need R-Lipoic Acid, one of the few nutrients that actually has a track record for rescuing folks with mycotoxicosis (poisonous mold toxins that can mimic any disease)."

Pharmaceutical Overload
"We now have a nation where over one in six children is on a drug, as are most adults and the numbers of drugs per person increases markedly with each decade of age. All drugs work by poisoning a pathway; they do not fix the underlying cause, and therefore, lead to further diseases and hence more drugs. It is a marriage made in heaven for the pharmaceutical industry that already controls medical education."