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The Search for Real Introducing My New Supplement Line
By Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin is a pioneer in the supplement industry. He has always touted the importance of high-quality and clean supplement formulas. Check out Get Real Nutrition, the new supplement formula created by Jordan Rubin. Here's what Jordan has to say about Get Real:

Many people were surprised to find out I've spent the last five years of my life as an organic farmer. They shouldn't be. I've always been passionate about food—and beginning in 2009, I pursued a lifelong dream to learn about nutrition from the ground up. In 1998, I formulated my first dietary supplement—a powerful probiotic, containing plant-based minerals, fermented veggies, and beneficial micro-organisms, in an attempt to help others supplement their diet with critical compounds found in healthy soil. But it wasn't until I became an organic farmer that I truly appreciated just how important building organic topsoil is for our future generations.

SOIL MATTERS! Certified-Organic and Non-GMO are no longer an "option"—they are demanded. I had a vision and a passion to do more than just beat the drum for change—I wanted to participate in creating a new model of sustainable, regenerative agriculture. I'm just as passionate about developing nutritional formulas that are rooted in traditional wisdom, while relying on the best that modern science and technology have to offer. I founded Get Real Nutrition to deliver real food nutrients in harmony with the land and to lead a revolution of regeneration in body, mind, and planet. It's time to get serious about our health and the health of our planet for generations to come—It's Time To Get Real!

Consider Ger Real Products for the Real Innovation

Innovation is a great example of a "buzz word"—it is often used, but not always truly understood or appreciated. As someone who dealt with a major health crisis at 19 years old, I never had the luxury of sitting back and waiting for someone else to come up with the answer. Over the last few years, I've been developing new technologies, rooted in thousands of years of cultural wisdom and the ancient practices of sprouting and fermentation. Experience the real power of living foods! Our real food formulas deliver a synergistic combination of functional foods, super juices, and traditional botanicals transformed by our patent-pending, MTS fermentation technologies. The Myco-Biome/Micro-Biome Transformation Systems (MTS) draw from the principles of sprouting and fermentation, Traditional Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbal modalities, utilizing powerful living cultures combined with energized water, light, and sound frequencies to pre-digest and premetabolize real food nutrients.

Get Real products are from a certified organic indoor nutrient farm located on the central coast of California. Each ingredient in our product line comes into our facility and undergoes our MTS Mycological fermentation technology. We source certifiedorganic botanicals from around the world with special emphasis on supporting indigenous farmers in the region where each ingredient has traditionally been cultivated and utilized for thousands of years. Get Real Nutrition products also use eco-regenerative packaging, certified compostable cartons, and 100% recyclable pouches. Our focus is to be an environmentally responsible leader in the industry, by lowering our carbon footprint, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, and overall reduce waste.

Driven by our Founder's passion for delivering only the best, we are proud to present what we call Get Real Nutrition's 10 Promises:
1. USDA Certified Organic
2. Real Food
3. Non-GMO
4. Vegan
5. Gluten Free
6. Sprouted
7. Fermented
8. Allergen 8 Free
9. Hand Cultivated
10. Eco-Regenerative Packaging

It's time we start to expect something more… by expecting less. It's time to Get Real!

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