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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' October 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

Don't Let Insurance Companies Take Away your Vitamin D Tests!
"This exemplary (anti-vitamin D research from JAMA) merely highlights the inexplicable ignorance of the researchers…scores of studies prove that 1) the "norm " for vitamin D is not correct (see TW 2013-14 for the evidence that the commercial values are not normal, but grossly inferior), 2) that there is an epidemic deficiency of vitamin D across all socioeconomic levels in the US (some researchers claim as much as 80% of people are dangerously deficient in vitamin D), and 3) you cannot heal anything, from recurrent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, cancers, or recurrent infections without sufficient vitamin D. But, as a result of this faulty study, it has become fuel for the rationing of care. Now insurance companies can fall back on this 'prestigious' Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) and use it to justify denial of coverage for vitamin D blood tests! Make sure you get about 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily and have your doctor check the level to be sure it's between 80-105 ng/dL."

Easy Liver Protection
"Because carbon tetrachloride is one of the nastiest chemicals known to damage the liver, it is used in studies to highlight highly effective liver protectors. Today, we are exposed to more unavoidable yet ubiquitous chemicals that damage the liver, causing NASH (liver disease). Herbs like Chanca piedra (Phylanthus) that you learned about in 8/15 TW for dissolving kidney stones and gallstones), as well as silymarin (Super Milk Thistle X), are super liver protectors. It makes sense to have at least 1-2 milk thistles ,1-2 times daily and sip your Chanca tea."

Addressing Atherosclerosis with Garlic
"A one-year study showed that along with CoQ10, a mere 600 mg of Kyolic twice a day for one year produced a four-fold decrease in inflammatory markers and progression of coronary arteriosclerosis, proven with serial coronary calcium scales…Yet in another study, with the inclusion of B vitamins, folic acid, and L-arginine, Kyolic cut the progression of coronary calcium scores by 57%... Kyolic has other benefits as well. For example, it improves intravascular nitric oxide, which, as you learned in the High Blood Pressure Hoax, is nature's nitroglycerin. It's one of Kyolic's many mechanisms for helping to reduce blood pressure… Take one Kyolic Cardiac Reserve twice daily."

Breaking through the Biofilms with BoLuoke
"In TW 2015 I told you about lumbrokinase enzyme from earthworms in the form of BoLuoke. I showed you how it actually can break through the biofilms that various bacteria and fungi secrete around themselves to make themselves invisible to not only the immune system but impervious to antibiotics. As well, I showed you that since it is also fibrinolytic, it can break through clots, which are the major cause of death."