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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' September 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

Forget the Flu Shot if You are Nutrient Wise
"As an American Medical Association publication showed, the flu vaccine for winter/spring 2015 was only 23% effective. That's worse than flipping a coin! It's not even 50% and fewer than one in four people have a chance of it helping. Plus, you can get serious paralysis like Guillain-Barre syndrome. Oh and in people over 50, the flu shot was effective in only 14% of people! Most of us who have good nutrient levels haven't had the flu in years. For starters, make sure your level of vitamin D is over 90 ng/dL and that twice daily you use your Detox Cocktail if you start to have signs."

What is Special About this Aged Garlic?
"There are many uses for the properties of this aged garlic. It contributes to detoxification because it contains cysteine, which is the rate limiting amino acid to make the detoxifier glutathione. It also contains arginine, which helps blood pressure by producing nitric oxide (our body's manufactured vascular dilating nitroglycerin)… some of the most important things this special form of aged garlic does besides lowering homocysyteine is to 1) down-regulate the #1 killer, cardiovascular disease and 2) lower the rate of many other conditions by decreasing the ability to make clots, thereby rescuing folks from fatality. What is this special form of aged garlic? None other than Kyolic, which has been around for decades."