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From Dr. Rogers' August 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

Aged Garlic for Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease
"Of course garlic is not only important for fighting candida, coronary artery plaque, and other forms of hypercoagulability, but also, for biofilms. Yet all the best research doesn't come from any old garlic, but the only specially-aged form, Kyolic. It has more research behind it than any other form of garlic. One study showed that along with CoQ10, 600 mg of Kyolic twice a day for one year produced a five-fold decrease in inflammatory markers and dramatically lowered the progression of coronary arteriosclerosis, verified with serial coronary calcium scores. Inflammation and calcium, you remember, are part of the initial ingredients needed for creating biofilms. That's why it's so important to decrease both of these triggers."

Xlear Nasal Spray for Ear and Sinus Infections
"Attention parents and grandparents: to protect those precious young ones, why not use Xlear Nasal Spray to ward off upper respiratory infections. Don't forget, in one study in the Journal of American Medical Association, a walloping 92% of middle ear infections in a group of children with PE tubes already had biofilms. Plus, never underestimate what you have learned in the last few months of this newsletter in detail, that any foreign object (ie: tubes) in the body becomes a magnet for infection which leads to antibioticresistant biofilm coating on the bugs. Xylitol is very safe since it works locally and is not absorbed, but attaches merely to the glycoproteins on our cell receptors. It's a plant sugar and stays around for about four hours."

It's Not Just About Diabetes
"If you want a course in the most common deficiencies that we have seen in 45 years and how to rectify them, devour How to Cure Diabetes—yes even though you may not have it. We merely use diabetes as an example of accelerated aging and then how to heal the impossible."

Protecting from Plastics
"…for young children, something as simple as a reduced dose (once a week) of Lemon Flavored Cod Liver Oil, PC Powder, and ALC Powder can go a long way towards boosting developing brainpower and infection-fighting. Plus these are crucial to begin to thwart the damage done to developing brains by phthalates. Remember, these ubiquitously unavoidable pollutants damage numerous areas of body chemistry."

Save that Gallbladder: Here's the Plan
Q: I don't have any symptoms but a sonogram for other reasons showed I have gallstones in my gallbladder and possibly in the liver bile ducts. Doctors are recommending that I have my gallbladder removed…

A: I have had personal experience with several people who had acute gallbladder attacks that looked like surgery was the only recourse. But these folks were relieved without surgery. They merely used high doses of oral Vitamin C Powder plus a high dose of oral Magnesium Powder. Years later, these people still have never had their gallbladders removed nor any further gallbladder problems. …In past issues we've talked about all sorts of enzymes and bile substitutes that you can take with meals, such as Digestive Aid #34, which contains bile and pancreatic enzymes. Another option is Bile Acid Factors."

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