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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' July 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

Bigger Guns to Fight the Bugs
"Folks with antibodies to certain bacteria, fungi, or viruses are diagnosed with whatever bug titer (amount of antibodies) is elevated (Lyme disease, EBV, Candida, etc). Then it is bludgeoned with antimicrobials. But they often are ineffective, because no one has looked at the total load of nutrient deficiencies and toxicities. You can't heal any of these diseases if you are not playing with a full deck of corrected nutrients. But another reason that some will never get better is because no one is dealing with the protective biofilms around the organisms. And these bugs are especially attracted to any foreign materials in the body, and even scar tissue.

In TW 2011 & 2012, you learned how to treat biofilms. In addition, use things that we know are anti-fungal like R-Lipoic acid, grapefruit seed extract, Kyolic, ginger, etc, as well as things I'll tell you more about in future issues like PEMF, H2O2, activated oxygen, pH, silver, thiamine, many ignored nutrients, especially those found in spices, etc., as well as iodine which has turned out to be superior to silver (use Lugol's that you learned about earlier this year), the Detox Cocktail and more."

Hidden Clues for Risk of Fatal Clotting
"Having an elevated homocysteine is one of the many clues that you might be hypercoagulable. But as studies show, fixing the homocysteine does not always rescue the person. When I read the papers, it's no wonder because they don't understand how to fix elevated homocystiene. All they use is B12, folic acid, or B6. They ignore all the other nutrients that you learned about here, such as P5P, PC, zinc, omega-3, vitamin E (8), etc. Sometimes homocysteine elevations can be from endothelial dysfunction (sick blood vessel linings) with or without high blood pressure. You learned how to cure these vascular problems in the High Blood Pressure Hoax and The Cholesterol Hoax."

The Causes of Restless Legs and Plantar Fasciitis
"Q: I have been diagnosed with restless legs syndrome and have been offered a barrage of medications from Lyrica and Neurontin to antidepressants and sleep apnea machines. What's the scoop?

A: Whenever medicine gets stumped, they jump to a bag full of tricks reserved for these situations. And I will bet you $100 that if you go to 10 orthopedic surgeons for the problem you will not have 10 assays for vitamin D, with recognition that the effective level has to be over 80 ng/dL as you learned in 2014-2015 TW. And vitamin D deficiency (which is epidemic, extending across all socio-economic levels) is only one of many causes. Correcting for magnesium, iron, DHA and other deficiencies as you would find on a Cardio/ION panel has been proven to cure the problem. The stretching you learned about in 2012-2014 TW is important as well, all depending on the individual. The same investigation applies for plantar fasciitis. Meanwhile, those medications have a long list of side effects which include stealing nutrients that potentiate chronic diseases and cancers. And you've learned earlier we all have cancer cells in us. It's just that we keep them under wraps through diet, nutritional corrections, and detoxification. So for starters, make sure you get about 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily, since that's the dose we have found that brings most people between 80-100 ng/ dL, the optimal level."

Auto Exhaust Depletes Magnesium
"Common auto exhaust can trigger strokes, lung clots (pulmonary emboli), and heart attacks…Folks who think they are very healthy but are biking or jogging on the highways are also tanking up (on exhaust) as are innocent children in daycare centers located on major highways. In addition, these athletes sweat out a lot of magnesium, which makes them doubly vulnerable for arrhythmias as well as sudden cardiac arrest. Then the low magnesium can cause incoordination, depression, brain fog, fatigue, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, and even stroke…But just because diesel and auto exhausts can trigger clots it doesn't mean they need to stop biking or jogging. Merely start with the Detox Cocktail when they get home."

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