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The Essentials of Magnesium
Submitted by Pure Encapsulations

Magnesium in aspartate, citrate, citrate/malate, gluconate, and glycinate forms are highly bioavailable chelates, supporting the metabolism and utilization of many essential nutrients. Magnesium glycinate is least likely to cause loose stools and magnesium oxide has the strongest laxative effect. Magnesium plays an important role in the proper functioning of numerous enzymatic and physiological functions including neuromuscular contractions, cardiac function, and regulation of the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Uses for Magnesium Nutrient Utilization
Magnesium is essential in the metabolism of macronutrients, energy production, and the utilization of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and potassium. This vital mineral also helps utilize B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Bone Health
Magnesium is an essential bone matrix mineral that promotes healthy bone metabolism. A trial involving 2,038 older individuals indicated that higher intakes of magnesium were positively associated with bone mineralization for certain individuals.

Cardiovascular Support
Magnesium provides broad-spectrum cardiovascular support including arterial function, endothelial function, c-reactive protein metabolism, and lipid metabolism. A meta-analysis of 20 randomized trials suggests that it also promotes healthy systolic and diastolic function. In addition, magnesium promotes healthy glucose metabolism. In one 15-year study involving 4,637 young adults, higher intakes of magnesium were associated with healthy cardiovascular function and glucose utilization. Magnesium also plays important roles in muscle function, mood and calming, and cranial vessel comfort.

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