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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' April 2015 Total Wellness Newsletter

The Six Pillars of Pollutants
"The six major categories of pollutants include: 1) the Phthalates or Plasticizers; 2) PBDEs, the brominated chemicals in foam cushions, etc; 3) Pesticides; 4) PFOA or Teflon-type chemicals; 5) POP or persistant organic pollutants, which include dioxins, PCBs, and thousands of other chemicals including mycotoxins; and 6) Pb, the chemical symbol for lead, one of many heavy metals to damage oxygen-carrying heme proteins (arsenic, mercury, cadmium, etc).

These 6-Ps (as I like to call them) represent the most common everyday pollutants that we cannot escape. We can try to reduce them, we can try to detoxify them, but as government studies confirm, most all of us have them in our bodies..."

If You Have Elevated Uric Acid…
"..add in the RBC Elements ( to determine your levels of molybdenum, manganese, vanadium, chromium, and other minerals that are not on the Cardio/Ion but are crucial for urate control. For example, xanthine oxidase creates uric acid. That enzyme requires molybdenum for normal function and is also crucial for metabolism of taurine that you learned about last month. As well, it's essential for the metabolism of all your hormones, sulfites (as found in deli meats and environmental pollutants), aldehydes (as produced by candida, alcohol), peroxisomes (gene regulators that are poisoned by phthalates or plastic food containers), vitamin B6 that controls your neurotransmitters (happy hormones), formaldehyde, and more (see Tired or Toxic?)."

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