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Recommended by Dr. Sherry Rogers From Dr. Rogers' October 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter

Co-Q10 Under the Tongue
"Want an antioxidant nutrient that protects and rejuvenates the heart? How about one that accomplishes this not in just one way, but in a variety of ways? How about if it accelerated healing after a heart attack and also turned off production of more plaque? Clearly arteriosclerosis and plaque formation are caused by chronic inflammatory vessel wall disease, so potent antioxidants are needed. But wouldn't it be great if this nutrient could also help heal the linings of the arteries by stopping LDL oxidation and revving up nitric oxide? Hey, let's throw in a few more wishes like that it could turn on the battery in the mitochondria for electron transport to increase energy in the heart. Coenzyme-Q10 is one important nutrient that accomplishes all of this and more…

So on your way out the door in the morning, why not pop two-to-three Q-ODT (Co-Q10 Oral Dissolving Tablets) to be absorbed under the tongue, thereby bypassing the gut, which may not yet be healthy enough or that may already have too many capsules to deal with?"

Signs of DHA Deficiency
"I've given you lots of evidence in the past of how an elevated CRP (C-reactive protein) is an inflammatory marker. It can signify you are in trouble and you're going to have a heart attack, or you're making the amyloid plaque of Alzheimer's or creating cancer. Or you might have a raging silent infection in a tooth root, as just some of the examples we have seen it be a harbinger of. HsCRP shows the body is unbalanced and on 'high alert.'

But it could also mean something a lot less nasty and quickly reversible. For some folks just being deficient in DHA (the number one most important fatty acid in the heart, brain, and every cell) can also create an elevated CRP, since it makes the body work overtime trying to compensate for an undiagnosed deficiency. Remember, by fixing the cell membrane's DHA you can improve lots of other maladies. Don't be surprised if the triglycerides or insulin resistance goes down, or the good HDL cholesterol goes up. Many other symptoms and conditions can improve since you are actually fixing the basic chemistry of the cell membrane.

How do you solve it? Obviously the best way is to assay and know exactly what you're doing rather than working blindly. But one Super DHA daily may immediately solve the problem (however, remember you can always eventually upset the balance). And if you are already on it, then you might want to consider whether you're taking enough of the innards of the cell membrane in the form of a heaping teaspoon of Phosphatidyl Choline Powder every day as well as the eight forms of vitamin E found in one-two E Gems Elite, one Gamma E Gems and at least two Tocotrienols."

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