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Turbo Charge with Healthy Energy
By Jacob Teitlebaum, MD

Are you one of the 31% of adults suffering from severe persistent fatigue or the 2 to 4% with fibromyalgia? Here's how you can get healthy energy–and feel great.

Simply remember the word,"SHINE!"
Sleep – Get eight hours of sleep a night. Have insomnia? Natural sleep aids can be very helpful. These include melatonin ½-1 mg, magnesium, and the herbs theanine, Jamaican Dogwood, wild lettuce, valerian, passionflower, and hops (all 6 herbs are in the Revitalizing Sleep Formula by Enzymatic Therapy). A simple tip? The smell of lavender helps sleep, so put a spray or two of lavender oil on your pillow or upper lip. "

Hormones – Especially thyroid and adrenal support. Did you know that labs miss the large majority of people with hormonal deficiencies? They do! Better to go by symptoms. Tired, achy, weight gain, and cold intolerant suggests a low thyroid. Irritability when hungry (what I call "Feed me NOW or I'll kill you!" syndrome) suggests you need adrenal support.

Are your adrenal glands exhausted from handling your stress? Try a mix of adrenal glandulars, Vitamin C, pantothenic acid, and licorice, which are all present in Adrenal Stress End. This will smooth out your energy and moods in a few days. In addition, cut out sugar but do NOT salt restrict.

Infections – Especially Candida/yeast. Suspect this if you have chronic sinusitis or spastic colon. To get rid of the yeast, take enteric-coated probiotics (e.g. – Pearls Elite or Optima) and avoid sugars (yeast grow by fermenting sugar), along with other antifungal treatments.

Nutrition - Want your energy to skyrocket? Optimal nutritional supplementation is essential and is best done with a vitamin powder, such as the Energy Revitalization System, where one drink replaces over 35 pills. Add a five-gram scoop of a special nutrient powder each morning for regular fatigue and twice a day for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia. In our recently published study of 257 people with CFS, done at 53 health practitioner clinics, ribose, one of the key ingredients in the Energy Revitilization System, increased energy an average of 61% after just three weeks!

Meanwhile, increase the whole foods in your diet and cut out excess sugars such as sodas and fruit juices (eat the whole fruit instead), and drink plenty of water. A refreshing and healthy drink? Drink coconut water or make lemonade from lemon or lime juice sweetened with stevia.

Exercise – preferably out in the sun. The current advice to avoid sunshine is dangerous—causing widespread Vitamin D deficiency. Better advice? Avoid sunburn—not sunshine!

More good news? When we treat with SHINE, people's pain often goes away as well, dropping over 50% in our fibromyalgia studies! SHINE resulted in an average 90% improvement in quality of life in those suffering with CFS and fibromyalgia—the most severe forms of the human energy crisis.

Sometimes, getting back to health basics is all it takes to feel GREAT!

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