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Dr. Rogers from June 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter
Protect Your Eyes from Cataracts
"As a tennis fan, I was startled years ago when a top-ranking player, Jennifer Capriati, way under the age of 30 had cataract surgery. We all know that extended high-intensity light can induce free radicals in the eye that actually accelerate eye diseases. But why didn't she have doctors who were making sure that she had enough lutein to prevent that? In fact it even controls the genes that allow damage to the eye by reducing inflammation that leads to cataracts. It's also needed by people who have diabetes. By the time they have laser surgery to stop new blood vessels it shows that someone has missed out on putting them on lutein and the other necessary preventative nutrients years prior."

Where to Begin with Alzheimer's?
"At the risk of sounding self-serving, start with the nutrients in How to Cure Diabetes. I can hear you saying now "but he doesn't have diabetes; he has signs of early brain deterioration!" But Alzheimer's has even been described as diabetes of the brain. For remember, diabetes is merely a perfect example of accelerated aging of many organs. It doesn't just affect the pancreas, eyes, liver, kidneys, but also the cell membranes and their receptors as well as the entire vascular system and brain. That's why it's called a metabolic disease. If you cannot afford to do the Cardio/ION, then the nutrient corrections spelled out in that book are the most commonly low ones after having seen hundreds of assays."