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Dr. Rogers from May 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter

We Need ALL the Parts of Vitamin E!

"One of the other parts of vitamin E, gamma tocopherol also lowers sodium through the BNP (a neurohormone that can be an indication of stress on the heart muscles). And this one as well as the gamma tocotrienol are usually low in patients with coronary heart disease. We have observed the same thing because we assay the gamma tocopherol routinely in reader consults (it is on the Cardio/ION). But of course there is always much in unknowledgeable medicine to thwart our efforts. For example, even taking plain generic "vitamin E" (which is usually synthetic alpha tocopherol) actually lowers the gamma E. So that Centrum (contains only alpha tocopherol, one of eight parts of E) that you see advertised on TV actually drives down the other forms of E that are not in it. But the other seven parts of real vitamin E are crucial for healing the heart. No wonder that NEJM paper we cited several years ago showed it didn't help prevent cancer or heart disease. And so we have yet another mechanism whereby inappropriate, cheap, synthetic and poorly researched nutrients actually make folks worse. "