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Dr. Rogers from April 2013 Total Wellness Newsletter

The Power of Tocotrienols
"And recall that alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) does not lower cholesterol safely as you learned in February's issue of Total Wellness. But other parts of real vitamin E (which is eight entities), the tocotrienols, do. As a further example, tocotrienols are 60x stronger antioxidants than alpha-tocopherol and they have caused 32% regression of plaque and doubled patients' treadmill ability within four months. Without these nutrients heart healing is seriously stalled, as literally hundreds of researchers have proven for decades (Jacobsen)."

Stubborn Weight has Many Causes
"Weight that will not budge can be from toxins like phthalates or deficiencies of nutrients like the minerals manganese, chromium, and vanadium for hypoglycemia or selenium or zinc for the thyroid. And some folks will never lose weight until they use the 10- part heart rejuvenation program that we started in 2012-2013 issues, plus the programs outlined in the newest book, How to Cure Diabetes. There are many options to fit the multiple individual needs. But I know you always want something simple and quick. Did you know that a deficiency of a simple detox amino acid like taurine can also propel the vicious cycle of obesity? Taurine powder 500-1000 mg available once again from Carlson may be part of what's missing."

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