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How to Cure Diabetes -Book Review
By Dr. Jen Morganti, NEEDS Education Director

Dr. Rogers' latest book, How to Cure Diabetes, isn't just for diabetics. Her introduction best summarizes the reason everyone needs to read it; "Who needs this book? Diabetes is merely an example of accelerated aging. For that reason, this book is essential for anyone who wants to retard aging. And folks who know me through the other dozen and a half books and couple of decades of newsletters, know that regardless of the title, I never leave anyone out. Even though a title focuses on one disease entity, the information contained in it is crucial for the health of all of us, even those who do not have the disease in the title or any disease, for that matter."

In her usual approach, Dr. Rogers blows away common medical myths, using science as her sword. For example, Hgb A1C is a blood marker that reflects long-term blood sugar stability, and it is closely monitored in diabetic patients. Doctors consider medical treatment to be successful when this marker is lowered into the "normal" range. Dr. Rogers highlights research that suggests their thinking is shortsighted stating, "This study showed that intensive lowering of the Hgb A1C to less than 6 (the top limit of normal for most labs) with all medications available actually increased the relative death rate 22%". This is just one example of how lab tests do not necessarily correlate with clinical outcomes.

She answers unique questions like "Why do Insurance Companies Only Cover Drugs?", "Why are Phthalates so Important?", and "Just how many Millions of Dollars and Hundreds of Doctors does it Take to Prove that Diabetes is not a Deficiency of the Latest Drug?" If you have never read a Dr. Rogers book, the answers will probably surprise you.

The consistent messages throughout the book are that diseases aren't caused by drug deficiencies, and using medications just to improve lab results doesn't necessarily cure disease or save lives. Bottom line, the only way to turn around diabetes, or any other disease, is to get to the root cause of the problem by addressing nutritional deficiencies with supplementation and a good healthy diet, thus following true naturopathic principles.