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Do I Really Need More Vitamin D?

It's true that vitamin D deficiency has reached epidemic proportions, but there are a few folks out there who do not necessarily need to supplement with this important vitamin. The criteria are tough, but you may have adequate vitamin D supplies if you eat a lot of vitamin D-rich foods, such as oyster, salmon, sardines, and vitamin D-fortified foods like milk and cereal. And you may be able to skip supplementation if your body synthesizes plenty of vitamin D via the sun, but only if you are out in optimal sunlight at the ideal time and location for 30 minutes a day, with a lot of exposed skin and no sunblock. Also, if you have great digestion and absorb nutrients efficiently, you may be able to skip this vitamin in your regime.

If you do not fit all these criteria (and most of us do not!), you may want to at least get your levels tested to see if you are deficient, like millions of other Americans. Or as a safeguard, you can supplement with a modest dose, such as 1,000 IU daily. Considering that vitamin deficiency is associated with excess inflammation, depression, bone fractures, diabetes, immune imbalance, cognitive dysfunction, among many other health issues, it's an important vitamin to keep in check!

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