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Are you being BUGGED?
Jennifer Morganti, ND, Director of Education for NEEDS


Just over a year ago, there were a lot of stories in the media about an increase in bed bug infestation in hotels, apartments, and even retail stores. Because we are hearing much less about them this year, does that mean they have disappeared? On the contrary! In fact, officials have predicted bed bug proliferation this year. Scientists have been finding that these pesky little insects are genetically mutating to confer resistance to our primary weapon, high-powered pesticides. This new generation of super-bed bugs is shown to have thicker shells, increased levels of enzymes that metabolize the poisons, and nerve cells that are more tolerant to the chemicals with which we try to kill them. They seemed to have mutated to such a degree that they are now almost completely immune to the average sprays sold to consumers in hardware stores, even though those chemicals will still make us humans sick!

Many people cannot tolerate the extremely toxic chemicals (such as pyrethroids or pyrethrins) that are required to kill bed bugs, and many simply prefer to use a natural treatment. EcoLiving Friendly Bed Bug & Dust Mite ERADICATOR is considered far safer than the chemical insecticides because it uses sodium laurel sulfate, a common ingredient used in standard soaps and shampoo, to cause the lathering effect. It attacks and destroys the exoskeleton on the bugs to kill them. It is best to spray the infested areas twice daily for a week to effectively kill the active bugs and their nymphs.

For optimal bedbug elimination, clean up with the Verilux CleanWave Sanitizing Vacuums. The UV technology in the Verilux vacuums signifificantly reduce bed bug eggs, as well as flea and dust mite eggs, viruses (like H1N1), bacteria (like MRSA), and certain allergens. The Bagless Vacuum has a multistage HEPA filter and powerful, continuous suction and kills bedbug eggs in just one second!

It's September and soon the kids will be bringing home homework and school projects. But one thing all parents hope they don't bring home is an itchy lice infestation. Quite possibly the worst part of contracting lice is the extremely toxic chemical that must be applied to a child's head, which inevitably is absorbed into the scalp and blood system. EcoLiving Friendly ERADICATOR Dual Action Lice Spray uses anionic/non-ionic surfactant blend and enzymes to safely kill the lice without toxic chemicals. Always use with ERADICATOR Lice Elimination Mousse, and spray the head, body, and clothing several times daily to safely rid the pests.

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