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Cranberry for Prostate Health
From the NEEDS Wellness Team

Cranberry has long been known for its ability to alleviate a urinary tract infection, but have you ever wondered if it can help with prostate issues? This study published in the British Journal of Nutrition evaluated the effects of cranberry extract on a condition known as LUTS—Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms. This cluster of symptoms is not related to prostate cancer, but does include increased urinary frequency, urgency, need to go in the middle of the night, poor stream, and dribbling. It can be associated with other diseases, such as prostatitis, and is common in older men.

In this study, 42 men were divided into two groups and took either 1500 mg of the cranberry extract or no treatment for six months. They measured over a dozen different parameters throughout the study for both groups. They found that the cranberry group showed statistically significant improvements in the following parameters: prostate symptom tests, quality of life, urinary function, and lowered PSA. The researchers concluded that cranberry extract may improve the symptoms of LUTS.

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