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Gaia Herbs: A Case Study

By Ric Scalzo, Clinical Herbalist

With the recent introduction (and retraction) of the McCain-Dorgan bill, dietary supplement companies must step up to the challenge of assuring consumers of the ultimate safety and quality of their products. The same is true with herbal supplements. For years, consumers have voiced concerns about adulteration of herbal products and have expressed confusion about proper label identification of plant parts (e.g., roots, flowers, or seeds), and about proper botanical genus and species identities.

Because Gaia Herbs believes that each herb needs to be held to the highest standards of purity and integrity in order to ensure maximum potency, we have embarked on an herbal traceability program that offers consumers real accountability. This program, called Meet Your Herbs™, was designed to meet consumers' needs for quality assurance backed by transparent accountability. Through this program, we are merely extending to consumers proof of what Gaia Herbs has always done in our commitment to unsurpassed quality. By typing the Meet Your Herbs™ ID number on each Gaia product into either placeholder on the Gaia Herbs website ( or an available mobile application, a consumer can track the life story of each herb in that bottle.

Each step of each herbal ingredient's life cycle in every product–from where it is grown, to how it is certified, extracted, and validated–is presented transparently to consumers in this program. The Meet Your Herbs™ summary page also identifies that each product has passed rigorous purity and integrity tests related to contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, yeasts, and molds. We further provide a link to the Certificate of Analysis, specifying all test results and qualified laboratory staff signatures, for each finished product. We know authenticity is a deep concern to many consumers, which is why we disclose everything through Meet Your Herbs™.

As respectful stewards of plant and human wellness, we have come to appreciate that plants exist in nature in their whole form and that we have co-evolved on our planet with plants for millions of years. At Gaia Herbs, we hold ourselves to nature's standards above all else. Gaia Herbs goes to great lengths to assure that the full phyto-chemical spectrum that occurs naturally in the plant is delivered in its natural proportions in the final product. Whole plant extracts consist of multiple related and unrelated compounds that work together synergistically in the body. Gaia Herbs guarantees whole plant solutions from seed to bottle, and will never alter, spike, isolate, or adulterate our herbal extracts.

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