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Not all Fish Oils are Created Equal
Submitted by New Chapter Organic

The multiple health benefits from consuming beneficial fatty acids found in fish oil are becoming well known amongst health advocates and lay people alike. Fish oil supplements are becoming as common as multivitamins to consumers looking to take good care of their health. Omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9s belong to a group of fatty acids often referred to as "good fats." The benefits of these oils are numerous—they serve to nourish brain, heart, eye and kidney tissues.* They have been shown to benefit immune system and digestive system health in addition to supporting healthy metabolism and a positive mood.*

New Chapter Organics has a new fish oil product called Wholemega™—a fish oil supplement from 100% sustainablycaught wild Alaskan salmon. The whole fish oil in Wholemega™ contains nature's optimal balance of 16 Omega fatty acids, not just a few. Wholemega™ is also a rich natural source of important nutrients such as vitamin D, and powerful antioxidants like Astaxanthin. Data indicates that Wholemega™ may modulate C-Reactive Protein – a key marker for heart health – and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range.*

Wholemega™ is a food-grade fish oil as opposed to a purified fish oil. "Purified" fish oil manufacturers take a different approach. Because they often source a variety of different fish species with varying levels of beneficial omegas and ship these fish long distances before processing, they need to be "purified" in order to deliver an acceptable product. Unfortunately this purification process involves the use of complex, high heat processes that can break down the valuable compounds in their fish oil and they are no longer food-grade. While some manufacturers will then attempt to add back specific nutrients into their product, the benefits of the "whole" have been lost forever.

The difference in fish oils is clear. The dull, yellow color and watery texture of conventional fish oil capsules is symbolic of "purified" products. This heavy distillation (required to remove contaminants) can fractionate, isolate, and destroy beneficial compounds that give fish oil its naturally vibrant color and clarity. Wholemega™ comes from Astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant found naturally in wild salmon and is retained in this extra virgin fish oil. Again, the chemical processing in purified" fish oils can destroy this vital nutrient, while the low heat used to extract Wholemega™ preserves this antioxidant as well as the rich natural color and viscosity of the whole salmon oil.

Wholemega™ uses only 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil from fisheries recognized for ocean stewardship and sustainability. Alaska maintains one of the world's most highly protected and managed natural fisheries and has outlawed salmon fish farming. By using only wild, sustainably caught Alaskan salmon, which happen to be among the cleanest and most pure fish stocks in the world, chemical processing to deliver a pure product is simply unnecessary. As a food-grade oil, Wholemega™ is extensively tested for detectable contaminants that other fish oil products must "purify" or distill out.

The oil in Wholemega™ is delivered pure and untainted from a food-grade government inspected facility. Consider adding Wholemega™ by New Chapter Organics into your daily supplement regimen.

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