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Vaxa Combines Nature's Remedies for Powerful Healing Solutions
by Stanley D. Headley, M.D., N.D.

Since 1987, Vaxa has formulated some of the most powerful homeopathic medicines available. Combining the proven power of homeopathy with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbal extracts offers effective natural alternatives that address a variety of health concerns. This multi-dimensional approach makes Växa's products a powerful alternative to simple nutritional supplements or single-action products available in the industry.


The body is a most remarkable, if not miraculous, mechanism. It effortlessly coordinates trillions of cellular functions and neuro-biochemical pathways. Three decades of research has begun to show how the body's myriad of interdependent functions work, why it becomes "broken" or sick, and how it has the ability to heal and remedy its own dysfunction.

In order for the body to move into selfhealing, specific cellular electromagnetic instructions and directions of regeneration must first be consistently conveyed from one cell to another. Then, specific arrays of critical nutritional building materials have to be present and biologically available upon which those cellular instructions may then act so reconstruction and regeneration may take place.

When specific cellular instructions and nutrition are lacking, the body intelligently and systematically begins to shut down less important functions, economizing available nutrients to serve the most life-sustaining processes. When this happens, life force dwindles, premature aging begins, and disease begins to manifest. Conversely, when essential cellular instructions are easily communicated and vital nutrients are provided in abundance on which those instructions could act, the body responds by "switching on" turned-off functions, re-initiating entire biosystems, and bringing them back "on-line." This accelerates the natural regenerative processes and restores optimal function throughout the body.

Vaxa has bridged the gap between nutritional support strategies and direct treatment of bodily dysfunction with products called Homeopathic Nutraceuticals. These products are a special combination of all-natural homeopathic medicines and nutritionally-based nutraceuticals designed to both "instruct" and "feed" your sub-cellular neuro-biochemistries, providing the "switches of life" which our bodies need to function properly.

Each formula contains homeopathic medicinal combinations, which provide the "executive" decisions that actually initiate the body's natural process of healing and growth, combined with nutritionally-based ingredients—included to ensure that the essential array of needed raw nutritional materials are provided to carry out the homeopathic medicinal directive.

Vaxa's health line includes a wide variety of safe, all-natural products, such as:

  • An allergy formula that stops histamines from entering the bloodstream
  • Arthritis and sleep aids
  • Support for depression
  • Parasitic infection cleansers
Vaxa flagship treatments, such as TriCardia+ for cardiovascular and body-wide detoxification and Buffer-pH+ to rebalance body pH, are highly recognized throughout the natural health community.

The ingredients used are of only the highest quality found worldwide and tested in Växa's Arated laboratory, ensuring products of the utmost standards in quality, purity, strength, and safety standards every time. The key element of their manufacturing process is particle sizing. Since each formula's components come in different particle sizes, Växa uses cold-process pulverization to make all particles the same small size, for smaller particles mean the body assimilates all the formula's elements more readily. The formulas are then weighed and blended in a static and gravity-free environment. This ensures 100% batch integration with no dead spots. While in the blending process, the ambient air is removed and replaced with stable nitrogen, which is heavier than air and reduces oxidation and process contamination. The bulk material is weight-validated to assure batch size compliance, then verified for formulation and quality control.

Finally, the power of nature and nutrition can be found together in Vaxa's formulas neurochemically specific enough to target an array of debilitating illnesses and dietary deficiencies with pinpoint accuracy.

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