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ExaminAir Professional Allergen & Mold Test Kit Enlarge Image Email to a Friend My Healthy Home, LLC.
ExaminAir Professional Allergen & Mold Test Kit
ITEM NUMBER:    MHH-5000-001
Your Price: This product carries a drop ship charge of $10.00.

Product Description: The ExaminAir is a "state of the art" professional allergen and mold test kit. It is designed for "do it yourself " use with quality results. The ExaminAir is an economical testing method for potentially allergenic and pathogenic particles in indoor air environments. Follow the easy to use operating instructions and sample the designated area. The test kit includes: easy to use air pump sampler, air capturing cassettes, all lab fees, detailed report, and a prepaid shipping label. The kit and samples will then be mailed to a laboratory for analysis. Results will follow in 7 to 10 business days. Once your ExaminAir results are available, you will be contacted by a representative to set up a time for a 20 minute phone consultation. You will then be instructed to call a toll free number at the scheduled time to speak with the consultant. This option gives the opportunity to talk with an indoor air specialist about your test kit and results, find out information about potential allergens and ask common questions about indoor environments.
Specifications: The ExaminAir kit comes complete with:
*Shipping box:
The designated area on the top of the box serves as a "Testing Platform".
A 2nd Day Air return shipping label affixed to the top of the box.
Do not discard this box! It will be used to return your samples and pump.
* Blue ExaminAir pump (inside box).
* Four Micro5 air sampling cassettes.
1 located in the "outside" slot and 3 others located in the slots marked "samples #2, #3, & #4".
* Laboratory analysis form.
* Micro5 quality repackaging label.

Cleaning Area: Before you begin air sampling you will need to identify four areas to do your testing:
(Sample #1) "Outdoor"
Samples collected outside serve as a baseline measurement for the quantity and type of local fungi present in the environment. The outside sample should be collected in an open area away from shrubs, trees, awnings, etc.
(Sample #2 & Sample #3) "Indoor" suspect problem areas.
The interior samples #2 & #3 should be collected in anticipated high exposure areas, such as rooms where there is a detectable musty odor or areas where symptoms are more prevalent (i.e., itchy/watery eyes, wheezing, coughing, etc.)
DO NOT do the tests in bathrooms or kitchens.
(Sample #4) "Indoor non-suspect area".
Sample #4 should be taken in an anticipated low exposure area, where fewer symptoms or smells are prevalent.
All samples should be taken in normal living conditions. Do not vacuum floors just prior to sampling. Do not stir up dust and debris. Allow HVAC to function as normal. Leave the area when testing is in progress. The ExaminAir is capable of detecting a wide range of airborne contaminants and will be adversely affected by abnormal activity.

For best results before conducting the test close all windows for 72 hours. The best place to do the indoor tests is to put one on each level of your house, preferably the living room, bedroom, and the basement. Air sampling should be done in a consecutive order with no more than one hour delay being taken between test.

Return Policy: Test kits are not returnable because once they are open, they can become contaminated. However, if there is a problem with the battery, pump, or the air cassettes we will replace them. You have one month from the time of delivery to document such a problem.
Warnings: Do not store or use this product in temperatures below 32 degrees F or above 100 degrees F.
Additional Info: Outdoor sampling procedure:
a. Find an outdoor sampling area as described in "identifying sampling locations".
b. Remove the laboratory analysis form and outdoor air sampling cassette from the box. Write sample ID serial # (found on cassette label) on the line labeled "1 Outdoor". Fill in date & time and general comments on the laboratory analysis form. Please fill out the "Laboratory analysis form" completely & carefully. In the laboratory, this form is used to identify where each sample was collected and will be used to track the analysis of your samples.
c. Remove the ExaminAir pump from the shipping box.
d. Close the lid on the shipping box. Place box on a stable, clean and dry surface (optimal height is 3-8 feet above ground or floor).
e. Place the ExaminAir pump on top of the shipping box in the designated "testing platform" area.
f. Remove the bottom black pin from the outdoor air sampling cassette and insert the cassette on the pump by gently pushing the cassette outlet onto the circular opening of the pump.
g. Remove the top black cap from the air sampling cassette.
SAVE CAPS and PINS to seal the samples after collection. h. On the pump, move the power switch from the off to on position. Press and hold the red on button until the pump starts (a green LED light will illuminate). Leave the area when testing is in progress.
I. After the ExaminAir pump has automatically shut off (5 minutes) replace the top black cap on the Micro5 air sampling cassette and remove from the pump. Next, replace the bottom black pin in the cassette. On the pump, move the power switch to the "off" position.

Indoor Sampling Procedure:
a. Find an indoor sampling area as described in "identifying sampling location". Make sure to use a different Micro5 air sampling cassette for each sample taken.
b. For "indoor samples #2, #3 & #4" repeat sets b-I as stated above. C. After all samples have been taken make sure the pump switch is in the "off" position.

Laboratory Analysis Form & Repackaging Information:
After completing all "4" samples (1 "Outdoor" & 3 "Indoor"), review the laboratory analysis form to ensure that you have completed all information correctly. Place the ExaminAir pump (in the "off" position) and laboratory analysis form inside the shipping box. Make certain that all Micro5 air sampling cassettes are secured and in their original locations. Complete the top portion of the 2nd day return label that is affixed to the top of the shipping box. Use the Micro5 Quality label that was included to seal the shipping box. (A normal piece of shipping tape can be used if this label is lost or damaged). Take the sealed package to a Federal Express drop-off box or shipping office.