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Unbleached Wax Paper Enlarge Image Email to a Friend If You Care
Unbleached Wax Paper
ITEM NUMBER:    IYC-5005-075
SIZE:    75 Feet
MSRP: $7.39
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Product Description: If You Care All Natural Waxed Paper
This paper is coated with wax made from soybeans instead of paraffin. Soybean wax is clean, safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. It comes from a renewable and sustainable resource grown by American farmers. Also, as no chlorine is used to bleach If You Care All Natural Waxed Paper, no chlorine is dumped into your lakes, rivers and streams.

What is Paraffin Wax?
Other waxed paper products are coated with paraffin wax which is made from non-renewable petroleum resources. Using If You Care All Natural Waxed Paper will help reduce the use of petroleum products and the amount of pollution in the environment.

Supporting the Economy
For the farmers, this is a new way to make economical use of the soybean surplus and converts industrial products based on non-renewable petroleum resources to sustainable agricultural resources.

Food Preparation and Handling
If You Care All Natural Waxed Paper is ideal for food preparation and wrapping sandwiches and other foods. Use it for separating layers of cookies or cookie dough and pre-cooked meats. It also lines and protects kitchen surfaces as well as helps keep the microwave clean.

Additional Info: Product of the USA, packaged in Canada.
Packaging: Cardboard
Ingredients: Natural Soybean Wax, Waxed paper: Unbleached and totally chlorine free (TCF)