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Building Energy for Natal Nutrition
by Jery Cochran, C.N.C.

While we always need complete nutrition, a woman especially needs it when pregnant or nursing. Not to sound cliché-ic, she is quite literally eating for two. She is also transferring vast amounts of an energy called Essence from her own body to her fetus or child. Unless she rebuilds this energy, she will never be as healthy during and after pregnancy as she was before.

Essence is a very special energy that resides deep within the Kidney System, which, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, includes the kidneys themselves, the brain, the bones, the adrenal glands, and the entire urinary and reproductive tracts. Essence is the energy that fuels reproduction and lies in deep reserve to save us if we are stricken with severe illness or injury. Those with strong Essence rebound quickly from chemotherapy, radiation, heart attacks, strokes, or severe injury. Those with weak Essence fail quickly in the face of such insults.

While modern food contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and so on, it has only traces of Essence energy because this energy begins to drain from food the moment it is "removed from the vine." Thus, we must get Essence from sources that are grown and harvested for the specific purpose of preserving it. The best of these sources are the world's great Superior Tonic Herbs, like reishi mushrooms and lycii berries, eucommia, rehmannia, asparagus root, and gynostemma. Of these, reishi and lycii are used during pregnancy to keep Essence as strong as possible. After delivery, the entire group is used to rebuild Essence as quickly as possible.

In natal nutrition, however, there are several other factors beyond this energy that are vital for both mother and child. Among the most important of these are the complete vitamin E complex, balanced calcium and magnesium intake, and whole food nutrition.

The chemical structure known officially as vitamin E is d-alpha tocopherol. It is delivered alone in thousands of supplements. But, in nature, it occurs with other tocopherols and tocotrienols.

A child's brain does not fully develop until the fourth or fifth year of life. To ensure normal development, we must prevent free-radical oxidation in its cells.

The best nutrient for this is gamma tocopherol. Supplements with a high amount of alpha tocopherol and little or no gamma may prevent the gamma tocopherol in foods from doing its job. So, to insure healthy brain development, we must be certain our supplements supply as much gamma tocopherol as alpha.

We should also be sure our supplements provide as much magnesium as calcium, in order to build strong bones, while also protecting the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. They must also deliver as much nutritional value as their whole-food concentrates. While we need isolated vitamins and minerals, we also need whole-food counterparts, because they provide countless co-nutrients that are not available as isolates.

Pure Essence Laboratories has made Mother to Be and Mother & Child as the finest natal nutritional supplements ever offered. In addition to providing rich levels of Essence-containing Superior Tonics, they deliver a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and co-nutrients. They also contain equal levels of gamma and alpha tocopherols and perfectly balanced calcium and magnesium. The products offer over 25 times more whole-food valuesthan any other natal products you'll find, plus specific nutrients like L-taurine and colostrum to help develop your child's central nervous and immune systems.

To support a healthy pregnancy through to childbirth and enrich the nutritious milk with which your newborn will be fed, Mother to Be is a recommended choice. After childbirth, select Mother & Child while you nurse throughout the following year to enhance the milk your newborn needs to thrive.

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