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Three Steps to Total Digestive Health

Proper digestive function is an essential part of good health. Your digestive system—which involves your esophagus (the tube through which food passes to the stomach), your stomach, and your small and large intestines (the latter of which is also called the colon)—act as a passage and processing center for the foods you eat. When all of these organs work well, your body is able to extract the nutrients needed to feed your cells and your body to be an efficient machine. If any part of your digestive system is not working well, however, not only will your "machine" slow down, but you may experience the immediate symptoms of pain, bloat, stomach discomfort, and constipation associated with improper digestion. The first step, of course, is to eat a balanced diet consisting of some complex carbohydrates (fiber-rich fruits and vegetables), some lean proteins, and small amounts of "good" fats (i.e., olive oil). However, it may be difficult to always follow an optimal diet, and even when someone is able to do so on a daily basis, the digestive system may be affected by other factors.


A very important issue for digestive health is the maintenance of a healthy balance between the bacterial populations which live in the digestive system. From birth, a variety of types of bacteria live in your stomach and intestines, and populations usually remain stable. However, changes in diet, stress, and illness can affect the delicate balance of healthy bacteria.

Probiotics, or "good" bacteria, are live microorganisms or mixtures of microorganisms taken (usually by mouth in capsule form) because of the benefits they provide by improving or reestablishing the healthy balance of bacteria in the body. Controlled, clinical research studies have demonstrated that probiotics can support healthy digestive function. They can change the population levels of microorganisms already present in the digestive system and alter their metabolic activities and production of helpful substances.

All probiotics, however, are not the same. For a probiotic microorganism to effectively re-populate the digestive tract, it must:
  • be alive in the capsule form
  • survive the destructive effects of enzymes in saliva, acid secretions in the stomach, and enzymes from the pancreas, bile salts from the gallbladder, and peristalsis (the muscular contractions which move food through the digestive tract)
  • successfully compete with other microorganisms to adhere to sites on cells in the digestive tract
The most common probiotic organisms used as supplements are various strains of lactic acid bacteria, lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, and streptococci. The advantages of lactobacilli are their ability to successfully compete with other microorganisms for receptor sites on intestinal cells and to adhere to gut tissue.

Research has shown that some probiotics are more effective than others. GI48® is a unique and extremely effective probiotic made from a proprietary strain of Lactobacillus fermentum. It has an exceptional ability to survive the harsh journey, arrive alive, and then adhere well to intestinal cells to form colony groups of multiple microorganisms in the digestive tract. Since GI48® is so hearty and reproduces so well in the digestive tract, it has two distinct advantages over other probiotics: The suggested use of a single capsule (versus multiple pills for other probiotics) is an effective dosage, and only one dose is necessary every 48 hours.


Another very important part of healthy digestive function is regular, comfortable elimination. The primary digestive complaint of Americans, particularly the elderly, is constipation. The symptoms experienced with constipation include pain, abdominal fullness, nausea, poor appetite, and even fatigue. Drinking adequate amounts of water is an essential part of maintaining regular elimination of stool, but this may not solve the problem. Many health care providers recommend fiber or bulk laxatives (as opposed to drug therapies) to lessen the likelihood of side effects and fluid and electrolyte (i.e., sodium and potassium) imbalances. However, some clinical research may suggest that fiber products, for some people, are no more effective than other laxatives. In addition, fiber therapy is frequently associated with bloating, stomach cramps, and abdominal discomfort.

Magnesium has proven to be an effective laxative, which is especially interesting since many Americans are deficient in this element. Magnesium works because it draws water into the intestine, helping the formation of softer stool which can be passed more easily. The magnesium in H2Go® is unique. It consists of a patented form of magnesium oxide, with four times the surface area of other magnesium compounds. Though small, the pills are very powerful. H2Go® can be taken three ways: six pills at bedtime for overnight relief; two to three pills every day for daily regularity, or six pills at bedtime for six days for colon cleansing. H2Go® provides the same benefits of fiber without the bulk or stomach upset.


A variety of foods and drugs (e.g., non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDS) can irritate the very delicate lining of the stomach, leading to occasional heartburn. Acid, which is released into the stomach as part of food digestion, can be irritating if present in excess. Though acid-blocking drugs can counteract this excess acid, they do not promote digestive health or the development of stomach lining. The zinc-carnosine in Lane Labs
' Nature's Lining® is a compound, consisting of a patented blend of the minerals zinc and L-carnosine, which has been shown in controlled clinical research to build and protect the sensitive stomach lining. Nature's Lining® is easy to take–simply chew the tablets twice daily after meals. In as little as eight weeks, many Nature's Lining® users report that they no longer need to take ANY products for their stomach … including Nature's Lining®. When combined with a well-balanced, calorically-appropriate diet, GI48®, H2Go®, and Nature's Lining® offer a full system to maintain digestive health.

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