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The Dirty Truth about Your Drinking Water
by Dr. Roy M. Speiser

They have become impossible to avoid. We are constantly exposed to low levels of toxic contaminants in our drinking water. However, with the proper water filtration system installed in your home and workplace, you can reduce your exposure and minimize sources of environmental toxicity.

Over time, drinking and showering in water tainted by toxic chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, radioactivity, and chlorine by-products contribute to a wide range of health disorders. Even at extremely low levels these toxins wreak havoc on our immune systems and exacerbate symptoms in chemically sensitive individuals.


Perchlorate is a chemical used in munitions, found in fertilizers, and now detected in drinking water in 35 states. It is known to inhibit production of thyroid hormone and may also affect brain development in children.

Then there is the issue of chlorine. It is required that all sources of water be treated with it to prevent disease-causing bacteria. The downside of chlorination is the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs), chemicals formed by the action of chlorine combining with naturally occurring organic matter in water. Scientific studies have linked THMs to increased risk of bladder and colorectal cancers and may be linked to miscarriages, and heart, lung, kidney, and liver damage.

For over 20 years, I have reviewed water reports from all over the United States. Frequently, I find contaminants, such as fluoride, lead, copper, THMs, radioactivity, arsenic, nitrates, industrial chemicals, and pesticides, in public drinking water. Well water tends to be less contaminated, but does commonly contain iron, manganese, bacteria, and hardness.

These and many other contaminants can be significantly reduced or removed by using combinations of the most effective filtration technologies available, namely filtration systems at the sink in conjunction with whole-house filtration. For individuals with extreme chemical and plastic sensitivities, special stainless-steel housings and carbon-filled filtration tanks along with ceramic filters can be used to reduce water contaminants. In addition to safe-guarding your health, adequate water filtration systems can save you the high cost of buying bottled water, which may not be safer or cleaner than tap water.

CWR's advanced water filtration systems can help make your home a "safe harbor" from toxic environmental contaminants.

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