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The Dirty Truth about the Air You Breathe
by Dr. Roy M. Speiser

Mold contamination has become a major problem in our homes and workplaces. It inflames and destroys lung tissue and causes multiple respiratory and neurological symptoms. Using an air purifier can be an effective defense against dangerous mold, bacteria, and other airborne contaminants.

For an air purifier to be truly effective, however, it must be capable of killing these and other contaminants inside the filter to prevent continued growth of spores and outgassing of mold biocides (a chemical substance, like a pesticide, capable of killing different forms of organisms).

Air purifiers have become very popular. With so many models available today, each offers its own features and benefits ranging from the highly sensitive to those who simply want to maintain their health.

Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) already have weakened immune systems, are more vulnerable to infections, and can have severe reactions to mold outgassing. The Bio-Net Air Purifier, with patented Enhanced Germicidal Filtration (EGF) technology, may be of great benefit to those suffering from MCS or compromised immune systems. EGF technology provides germ protection by reducing total "Bio-Burdens" (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and molds) in a room. The "optimal germ-killing area" of the Bio-Net Air Purifier with EGF is 750 square feet with a complete room air change every 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, its four-stage multi-filter reduces particulates, odors, chemicals, pollen, and many more indoor air contaminants.

CWR Environmental's commitment to public health has led to research and development of a new generation of home air filtration products designed to protect you against the most harmful contaminants. Each system is customized and accounts for any special health concerns, such as MCS, the types and levels of contaminants in your air, and your budget.

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