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What is Blue-Lux™ Technology?

Since 1980, American Environmental Products, Inc. has designed and manufactured some of the highest quality products in the world. Our senior lighting engineer was on the original scientific team that developed and patented full spectrum lighting as it is known today and he even received an Oscar from the movie industry for his work with lighting. Today, we have incorporated our newest patent-pending technology in our Sun-A-Lux® Light Therapy Boxes called Blue-Lux technology.

Blue-Lux™ technology combines a specific wave length from the Blue Spectrum, with high intensity to produce a faster and stronger response to light than any other 10,000 lux or Full Spectrum Light Box on the market today. Sun-A-Lux™ incorporates a bulb that is rich in 420 – 480 nm Blue Light color into its 10,000 Lux™ bulb making all our light boxes more powerful and easier to use. In years past, it took 1 –2 hours of light therapy to produce the same affects as 15 minutes of the new Blue-Lux™ Technology.

With most light therapy products, a person has to sit within 2 feet of the source for light therapy over a period of 30 minutes to 2 hours. With the new Blue-Lux technology that we have incorporated into the 10,000 light therapy unit bulbs, one simply has to be in the room to benefit. For instance, if you were in a 10 x 10 room you would experience benefits from simply walking around the room. No longer does one need to sit directly in front of the light therapy source to receive the benefits.

Blue-Lux™ technology can be found in all Sun-A-Lux® Light Boxes and even in our Glad Light™ Desk Lamps to fulfill all your different light therapy needs.

The Blue-Lux™ Difference
  • Fast 15 minutes-a-day treatment time
  • Quicker response, days instead of weeks
  • Increased quality of response
  • Improved response rate
  • Greater freedom with lighter, more portable units
  • Close range or whole room usage