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Composting: An Easy Household Guide by Nicky Scott                                                                                                    Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Composting: An Easy Household Guide by Nicky Scott
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Product Description: Did you know
Up to two-thirds of most household trash can be composted?
Composting reduces the need for more landfills.
Homemade compost is free - and chemical-free - fertilizer for your garden.
Composting is fun and easy! You can make compost even if you live in an apartment and don't have access to a garden. This book provides all the information you need for successful composting - a satisfying way to live lightly on the Earth.

Pages: 95
Cover: Soft
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing Company
Date Published: 2005
Table of Contents: Introduction: 7
1: Why Make Compost: 10
2: Compost Happens!: 12
3: Getting Started: 14
Where Do I Put My Compost Bin? 14
What Can't Go In? 15
How Do I Fill My Compost Bin? 16
How Long Does It Take to Make Compost? 17
4: How Does It Work?: 18
5: Composting Systems: 22
For the Beginner:
Dalek-Type Bin 23
Tumblers 24
Digesters 25
Green Johanna Composters 26
EM Bokashi - Fermentation 27
For the More Enthusiastic:
Worm Farm 29
Leaf Mold 34
For the Serious Enthusiast:
Making a Hot Heap 36
The New Zealand Box 39
6: Using Your Compost: 43
7: Bigger Composting Systems: 48
8: Getting More Involved: 53
Community Composting, Schools, etc.: 54
9: A-Z Guide to Composting: 58
10: Resources: 92

About the Author: Nicky Scott is a former Chairman of the Community Composting Network and is the Coordinator of the Devon Community Composting Network. He has helped in the development of the Scotty's Hot Box and the RiDan composter, both now widely used for composting food waste. Nicky Scott lives in England.