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Deluxe Long Handle Wild Boar Firm Body Brush Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Bass
Deluxe Long Handle Wild Boar Firm Body Brush
ITEM NUMBER:    BAS-5051-001
SIZE:    1 Each
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Product Description: Bass Deluxe Long Handle Wild Boar Firm Body Brush
* Ideal for traveling!
* Less Soap
* Lots more lather!
* Stimulating invigorating
* Excellent for massage
* Ideal for cleaning the entire body.
* Special textured natural bristle while exfoliating dead skin cells.

Packaging: Paperboard
Ingredients: 100% pure bamboo wood.
Suggested Use: Keep your body wet. Soap the wet Bass body brush and watch the lather grow.
Keep Bass body brush away from the direct flow of water, otherwise soap suds on it will be washed away.

Brush care instructions:
* Rinse well after each use, hang up to dry.
* Every month soak bristle head in hot sink water with one cap of bleach for one minute. Rinse well.
* Towel dry and let hang to dry.