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Unique Features of Airpura: Progressive Product Design

Airpura's design choices are informed by green considerations. Airpura strives to obtain the most inert components with the smallest environmental footprint possible, while creating an air purifier that delivers unparalleled premium filtration performance.

  • Airpura's 560 cfm backward curved motorized impeller is a marvel of modern design. It weighs less than half of the older motor/shaft/blower wheel configurations used by other air purifiers but delivers greater airflow for the same power consumption. The environmental advantage of this superior component means that less material is used, transported and disposed of, but at the same time air purification is more efficient.

  • The capacitors are PCB-free; lead is not used in soldering in the speed control; the UV lamp ballasts are electronic.

  • The Airpura 600 series is free of any plastic, rubber, silicone, adhesives or bonding agents (other than a small amount of materials required to meet UL, ETL, CE, and CSA safety requirements.) The inert nature of our construction eliminates any chemical vapors contaminating the clean air stream of the Airpura 600 series and that means that disposal at the end of the life of the unit will not cause toxic harm to the environment.

  • The construction of the 600 series carbon container demonstrates the role that environmental concerns play at all stages of design and production at Airpura. Despite a slightly higher cost and a little more time and effort, it was decided to use rivet fastening rather than spot welding. Spot welding was found to use more energy and to give off particles and chemical vapors, including greenhouse gases.

  • The innovative 'sock' filter liner in the 600 series of carbon cylinders allows a more open metal mesh that both permits a better airflow in and out of the carbon bed and at the same time reduces the amount of material used, transported, and eventually disposed. This design element is a little more time consuming and requires a little more effort, but in terms of production and performance, is well worth it.

  • Airpura does not waste space in it carbon filters by using zeolite. Zeolite is an inexpensive filler (costing only 20% as much as activated carbon but weighing seven times more) that adds nothing to the filtration process but carries an environmental cost for transportation and disposal.

  • Airpura refillable carbon canisters are all metal and built with galvanized steel to avoid corrosion. This environmentally-conscious design reduces both waste and operating costs.

  • The all-metal housing avoids plastic, resulting in a more ecologically sound product. 93 percent of the 600 series air purifier is recyclable. The metal housing, unlike plastics, will not off-gas harmful VOCs into the air you breathe.

  • The unique Airpura pressure-sealed filter chamber allows a simple reusable wool /poly blend gasket to be employed to prevent unfiltered air bypass. Other less efficient sealing systems require glues, silicones, or rubber compounds in their gaskets and yet only achieve lower efficiency ratings.

  • The generous 585-square-inch surface area of Airpura pre-filters can be cleaned by vacuuming the exterior of the unit. This increases the efficiency, lengthens the lifespan of the pre-filter, and reduces waste. Both the standard polydense and optional all-cotton Airpura pre-filters may be washed and reused.

It is clear that the future belongs to enterprises that can operate within the boundaries of a renewable resource, low-emission, economic model.

Airpura will continue to offer high-quality innovative air purification products that provide a healthy, clean indoor environment to our clients and operate in a way that continues to contribute to the improvement of the environmental health of the planet we all share.