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Teleseminar Speaker "How to Corona-Proof Your Life Follow Up" with Dr. Sherry Rogers.
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How to Corona-Proof Your Life Teleseminar with Dr. Sherry Rogers Hosted by Natur-Tyme, January 20th 2021
You CAN make yourself "Corona-proof" but it is not easy. Covid-19 can be a deadly disease or it can be an opportunity to make yourself healthier than you've ever been before. Join Sherry Rogers, M.D. as she discusses the ever-evolving challenges of COVID-19, including evidence on mutation rates, tests, vaccines, and drugs. She will provide the most up-to-date information, and cover the following:
  1. exposing the "dirty dozen" most dangerous misconceptions of COVID-19
  2. map out the seven stages of COVID-19
  3. explain with evidence a sampling of the multitude of crucial nutrients needed to prevent or turn off every COVID-19 stage
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Please Note: The views expressed by Dr. Rogers may not necessarily reflect the views of NEEDS.

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