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CleanWave Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum Enlarge Image Email to a Friend Verilux
CleanWave Sanitizing Bagless Vacuum
ITEM NUMBER:    VLX-5008-001
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Product Description: Sanitize and Deodorize While You Vacuum.
Eliminate up to 99.9% of pests, viruses, bacteria and allergens on surfaces. The quiet and efficient bagless canister vacuum kills bed bugs and dust mites, flea eggs and bed bugs. The powerful 1,400 watt motor provides continuous suction combined with germicidal UV light to clean, sanitize and deodorize while you vacuum. This cyclonic vacuum's HEPA-12 multi-stage filtration traps pollen, allergens and large and small particles on mattresses, carpets, upholstery and floors. Easy to empty bagless container prevents recirculation of pollutants thought the home. Verilux sanitizing appliances use the same safe and powerful UV-C light as hospitals and water treatment facilities to effectively eliminate indoor pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, bed bugs, dust mites, flea and bed bug eggs that can be the cause of colds, flu and allergy outbreaks.

Specifications: * Ultra-high suction, powered brush roll and Germicidal UV light combine to clean, sanitize and deodorize.
* Cyclonic HEPA-12 Multi-Stage Filtration traps pollen, allergens and large and small particles.
* Power Control Slider adjusts desired level of suction for carpets, tile or hardwood floors.
* The lightweight and maneuverable power head makes vacuuming faster and more manageable.
* Easily transitions from carpets to floors with individual controls for brush roll. Germicidal UV light and floor type.
* Easy to empty, bagless container prevents recirculation of pollutants.
* Telescoping wand with ergonomic handle including power suction controls.
* 3 Easy-to-Use Attachments: crevice tool, upholstery tool and dusting brush.

Cleaning Area: The Sanitizing Power Head has three operating modes:
* Carpet
* Sanitize
* Both

Carpet Mode:
Select Carpet Mode for conventional vacuuming with a Powered Brush Roll and Powerful Suction. Use this setting when you wish to operate the power brush without the sanitizing light. The Mode indicator will be red.

Sanitize Mode:
Select the Sanitize Mode when you want to sanitize and vacuum your carpets and floors with Sanitizing Light and Powerful Suction. The Sanitizing Light Bulb will turn on when the Floor Sensors detect a surface. When the sanitizing Light Bulb is on, the Mode Indicator will illuminate as Blue. Use this setting when you wish to operate the sanitizing light without the roller brush.

Both Mode (Carpet and Sanitize Modes Simultaneously)
Select the Both Mode when you want to combine Sanitizing Light with a Powered Brush Roll and Powerful Suction. When the Sanitizing Light Bulb is on, the Mode Indicator will illuminate as PURPLE. The Sanitizing Light Bulb will turn off when the Floor Sensors do no detect a surface. When this occurs, the Mode indicator will not be illuminated (turns off).

Surface Protection:
When the Sanitizing Power Head is held of left stationary on a surface for (i.e., not moving) for more than 5 seconds, the Sanitizing Light Bulb will automatically turn off. When this occurs, the Mode Indicator will blink slowly (blink Blue if in Sanitize Mode, blink PURPLE if in Both Mode). Once movement is re-initiated, the Sanitizing Light Bulb will turn back on and the Mode indicator blinking will stop. This happens automatically and is one of the features designed into your canister vacuum to protect your surfaces.

Filter Media: * UV-C bulb.
* UV-C light technology is proven and recognized by the FDA and USDA as an effective means of eliminating biological contaminants.
* Light disinfection has been used in hospitals, food processing facilities, water treatment and HVAC systems for over 30 years.
* UV-C light used in the proper delivery system is both a safe and environmentally correct method to sanitize and deodorize household surfaces..
* UV-C's natural disinfectant properties have the added benefit of being chemical free, odorless and producing no environmental side effects. In comparison, household cleaning products often combine harmful ingredients including solvents, dispersal agents, dyes and fragrances that can cause health concerns for allergy and asthma sufferers and can contribute to air and water pollution.

Filter Change: * The life span of the UV-C bulb, under normal use is 2 to 3 years.
Warranty: One year limited warranty.
Return Policy: In the event the unit isnt working out for you, you may return it within 2 weeks of purchase. You must contact our Customer Service Department for a return authorization number. Complete the return form that was sent with your invoice. Be sure to include any materials you received, such as the instruction booklet, as well as any parts that may have come with the unit. All units must be put in a separate box so that there are no shipping labels or writing on the original packaging. We suggest you insure the package and all return shipping charges are your responsibility. Upon its return, the unit will be inspected, and if it is in resellable condition we will credit you back less a 10% restocking fee.

In the event the unit is damaged or defective, please save all packing material and contact our Customer Service Department immediately for further instructions.